4 reasons to make product stewardship part of your company’s responsible resource management


Every year more than 1.6 million mattresses end up as landfill.

An average mattress and base includes 12.5kg of steel, 2kg of wood and 1.5kg of foam. Once discarded, they take up to 10 years to break down.

That’s a lot of material going to waste.

As resources become scarce and cost more, it makes sense to find a way to reuse these materials and keep them out of the dump.


What is product stewardship?

Product stewardship is the idea that everyone in the product supply chain takes responsibility for minimising the environmental impact of a product over its lifetime.

It encourages manufacturers to minimise toxic components and to make it easier to recycle their products at their end-of-life. It involves all those in the supply chain to ease the recyclability of products. That includes retailers who have direct contact with customers who might look to them for a solution to their recycling needs.


Why should you get involved?

  1. Compliance – Currently the government has made participation in product stewardship programs voluntary. However, given the pressures on resources and environmental concerns, companies might avoid radical measures imposed on them later by making changes to their processes now.
  2. Marketing opportunities – Many companies use their involvement in recycling to market themselves as socially responsible. Differentiating yourself in this way can help you stand out and attract environmentally conscious customers.
  3. Cost savings – Designing products from fewer components can save money in manufacturing. These savings can be passed on down the supply chain.
  4. Corporate responsibility – Good management of your products throughout their lifecycle can help you meet community and investor expectations. Many organisations seek accreditation from the government for their proactive product stewardship programs.


Join Australia’s own national award winning scheme for mattress recycling

Soft Landing is an organisation working hard to coordinate mattress recycling in Australia. They’re a growing social enterprise building a national scheme to get mattresses out of landfill and off our streets.

For every $1 spent on recycling with Soft Landing, $3.60 of value is created for communities through employment and training.

Since 2012, mattress manufacturers (such as Joyce Foam Products), retailers and supply chain participants have been working towards developing a national product stewardship scheme to recycle mattresses.

Kathy Jack, Joyce Foam’s General Manager Sales & Marketing is chair of the Soft Landing board.

“Soft Landing was chosen to oversee this scheme because of its experience in mattress recycling and its role as a social enterprise that also creates jobs for people who have difficulties finding a job. Soft Landing has a commitment to the best social and environmental outcomes for each waste stream”, explains Kathy.

This video explains how Soft Landing works.


Get involved

For information on the Scheme or to find your closest recycling facility, contact the Soft Landing Mattress Product Stewardship Scheme Manager Janelle Wallace on +61 414 313 157 or send her an email [email protected]

Website: www.softlanding.com.au

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