CEO Message

When we wrote our statement “Innovation is our Drive”, we had you, our customer, top-of mind.Frank-post

We use our position as the largest Australian foam manufacturer to make products that anticipate and change with your needs.

We do this through relentless research and development, listening to our customers, and striving to provide great products and service to keep you competitive.

The world is changing. Our typical customer demands we maintain the highest environmental standards in production. Our Variable Pressure Foam Process (VPF) is a break-through in world class sustainable manufacturing.

We prioritise performance and resilience in the making of all our comfort foams, and make to specifications for specific industrial applications in the automotive, medical and acoustic markets.

We understand that every business is different, we train our sales representatives to give you support with tailor made products, produced as efficiently as possible to support your competitiveness.

With manufacturing facilities in five capital cities around Australia, we strive to give you fast delivery times from our local premises.

We are a trusted supplier to some of the largest – and smallest manufacturers in Australia.

Our commitment to foam manufacturing remains as strong today as it did over fifty years ago when Joyce was the first company to start making foam in Australia.

Thank you for trusting Joyce Foam Products with your foam supply.



Frank van Gogh – CEO