Australian company cracks the Chinese market for high-quality mattresses


When A.H. Beard first explored the Chinese market for its bedding products, they could hardly have dreamt of a better outcome. A fifth-generation family business, the company is now a major exporter to China. Since 2013, they’ve opened 34 shopfronts. They plan to have around 100 stores by 2023.

Joyce Foam Products has been supplying A.H. Beard with foam for over 16 years. Joyce recently welcomed 40 Chinese bedding store franchise owners for a tour of the facilities on behalf of A.H. Beard.

The delegates were keen to seehow Joyce produced foam. They were drawn to the Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA) certification and Joyce’s ground-breaking Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) technology.


Above all, A.H. Beard focuses on quality. China’s growing market of ‘aspirational’, affluent consumers are attracted to high-quality products. Some are willing to pay up to US$76,000 for a Australian hand-made king-size mattress.


To remain competitive, A.H. Beard has nurtured a strong relationship with its suppliers.

“We thought it was important to show our Chinese guests around the Joyce facility. The company has clearly invested in new technologies. Joyce are a key link in our product chain. Their investment helps us all remain competitive”, explained A.H. Beard Director, Allyn Beard.


The visitors were welcomed by Frank van Gogh, Joyce’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Joyce Foam Products is committed to supporting A.H. Beard in their drive to grow and innovate”, said Frank.


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