Comfort Foams

Quiltec is the latest in foams for the bedding market and is a fibre replacement foam that virtually eliminates body impressions. Quiltec increases airflow and offers better moisture dissipation through the mattress. Using the latest VPF technology, Joyce Foam Products can now offer this revolutionary product for mattresses.The softest and most environmentally friendly foam for the bedding and furniture market . . . so soft you will think you are floating on air.


High resilience foam grades with exceptional bounce back even after years of use. The best quality foam for furniture and bedding has now become even better through the use of VPF technology, creating a higher level of quality and a cleaner, greener product. Joyce Foam Products offers a lifetime warranty in domestic furniture and bedding and up to 10 years in commercial applications. All grades are certified for the highest fire retardant rating.


A new type of foam that offers the features of memory foam combined with the functionality of high resilience foam. VPF technology has allowed Joyce to create a new comfort feel that wraps around your shape, whilst allowing your body heat to dissipate through the mattress. Hygroflex-Indulge has the pressure relieving properties of memory foam, without the heat. It is extremely open and feels cool to touch, and will stay quite cool while sleeping, helping to regulate the microclimate of the mattress. Hygroflex-Indulge comes with a 15 year domestic warranty.


Premium Comfort is a heavy duty foam range for quality support in cushioning and guaranteed to maintain comfort levels for years. Now manufactured using VPF technology, giving you better quality foam and a cleaner, greener product. These foams come with a 10 year warranty.




A slow recovery foam that offers an initial comfort feel with deep down support. Ideal as a top layer in bedding and furniture, Indulgence Comfort gives a luxurious feel to any piece of furniture. Now made with VPF technology to produce an even better quality, more durable foam. Indulgence has a 15 year warranty in domestic furniture and bedding.



An exclusive range of memory foams that offer the market the largest range of comfort feels available. Ideal as a top layer in furniture and bedding products, the special shape conforming properties of Viscoform add an ultra-luxurious comfort feel to any product. Viscoform is now made with VPF technology, giving a better quality, more durable, and greener product. Now with a 15 year warranty in domestic furniture and bedding.



A unique range of viscoelastic foams infused with either liquid or particle gel to create cooling properties that complement the slow recovery foam. The combination of both conforming and cooling properties make this the perfect choice for furniture and bedding products. Gelform includes a 15 year warranty in domestic furniture and bedding.



Active Comfort is a general purpose foam range which is ideal for normal duty, including upholstery and overlays. Now made with VPF technology, giving you a better quality foam and a cleaner, greener product. These foams come with a 5 year warranty.




Living Comfort is an introductory level foam, made for applications that require a minimum resilience and is ideal for non-load bearing applications. These grades come with a standard 12 month warranty.




Joyce is now able to offer the market a new range of foams that give comfort and resilience at a lower density than previously available. Thanks to VPF Technology, Joyce’s range has increased to include lower and higher density comfort foams with greater performance in comparison to previous standard comfort foam grades. From density 10 through to density 23, these foam grades offer excellent value whilst ensuring the same levels of comfort and performance, and are manufactured with the world’s most environmentally conscious production methods.


A range of open cell reticulated foams ideal for outdoor seating and foam applications that are exposed to weather and wet conditions. Unique to Joyce Foam Products, this range includes a number of different comfort feels and offers up to a 3 year warranty in seating applications.
Now made with VPF technology these foams are more durable and greener than previously available.



CMP 268All Joyce comfort grades are embedded with CompriShield during the foam manufacturing process. CompriShield provides protection for consumers to protect against moulds and eliminates dust mites* by removing their food source, significantly reducing one of the major causes of allergies and asthma in the home.

*Dust mite control under application with the APVMA