Industrial Foams

Joyce’s range of industrial foams have been designed to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Joyce produces foam for use in acoustic applications, air and liquid filtration and flame lamination.

Sonex acoustic insulation foam

Sonex provides a barrier against unwanted external sound, its sculpted design effectively traps sound and eliminates feedback.

Sonex is an open cell acoustic foam, specifically designed to absorb and dissipate sound energy deep into the acoustic panel. Sonex promotes a smoother frequency response limiting the effect of heavy bass and reducing echo.

Meracell reticulated foam

Meracell foam has been specially designed for air and liquid filtration applications, its open cell structure allows flow through the foam without resistance.
Meracell has been developed to offer resistance to both water and petroleum products, allowing for use in a broader range of applications when compared to conventional polyurethane foam.

Flame lamination foam

Joyce offers a range of foams for textile lamination, these grades have been specially designed to be used in the flame lamination process. This process allows for a diverse range of textiles to be securely bonded to the foam.

Flame laminated foam is commonly used in the automotive industry, typically used in the creation of industry standard car seats. It can also be used in the bedding industry, offering an alternative method of applying textiles to the foam as well as allowing a larger range of fabrics to be applied.