Reticulated Foam

Joyce is the only Australian manufacturer of reticulated foams. Joyce has designed and manufactured reticulation chambers for the production of open cell foams. The thermal reticulation process, also called “zapping”, creates a high temperature, high speed flame front that removes the cell membranes from the foam.

How is Reticulated Foam used?

The advantage of reticulated foam is its quick dry qualities, making it the perfect foam for leisure and outdoor furniture.

Reticulated foam is also designed to fit machine applications, vacuum and air conditioning filters. Other applications include use as a sound absorber in microphones, hospital grade foam, make-up applicators, face masks and lint free wiper pads.

  • Reticulated foam can be used for retail, automotive, industrial and medical applications.
  • Joyce Foam Products has developed a unique system of thermally reticulating.
Some of its typical uses include:
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Carburettor air filters
  • Blood oxygenator
  • ECG pads
  • Topper pads for beds
  • Flame laminating
  • Oil filters
  • Paint rollers
  • Speaker grills
  • Cosmetic applicators