Creating innovative design at DENFAIR 2018

When leading interior designer Arthur Koutoulas was looking for the right material to create the Speaker Space at this year’s DENFAIR, foam was the perfect choice.

DENFAIR is Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design and art for professional designers, architects, interior stylists and design-lovers. This year it was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 14-16 June.

DENFAIR supports Australian designers by providing an opportunity to showcase their ideas and provide a platform for business opportunities.


The designer and his collaboration with Joyce Foam Products


Arthur Koutoulas established his own design studio in Sydney in 1992. His work is at the forefront of experimental design. His portfolio includes interior installations, sculptures, commercial fit-outs, furniture and objects for various restaurants, cafes and bars in Sydney such as Kafa Espresso Bar, Bluebottle Bar, Ten Buck Alley Cafe and Bar Cleveland.

Arthur has collaborated with the team at Joyce on a number of projects.

“The first time I worked with Joyce was back in 2005. We worked together on the Vivid Cafe at Furnitex in Melbourne, as part of Decor+design. The project involved designing soft, sculptural stools in a pink, high-density foam.

“In 2006, we collaborated again on the design of the Brody Sofa. We explored the idea of making a single piece furniture without the need for an internal structure. The sofa was exhibited at Vivid in Melbourne and won two awards back-to-back. It won Best Concept and the Corporate Culture Design Award.

“In 2008, we worked together on an installation at the Decor+Design show in Sydney. I designed a soft, sculptural seat in the shape of a car – a Lamborghini to be precise. It was meant to be a take on unsustainable objects in the world. At the time, Joyce was developing leading-edge sustainable foam production, so it made sense to team up on this project.

“In 2009, I worked with Joyce on the design of a foam and cardboard chair. It was part of the Eat Green Design at the Powerhouse Museum Sydney. The event encouraged sustainable thinking across the board.”


Designing the Speaker Space at DENFAIR


The Speaker Space is an area within the DENFAIR exhibition area where people can meet. It consists of a seating area made entirely out of uncovered foam.

Arthur’s idea was to explore the boundaries between furniture and architecture.

“I wanted to create a soft, sculptural installation that engaged people and offered an immersive experience for the audience,” explains Arthur.

“From the outside, it appears like a circular megalithic monument. Once inside the space, the emphasis shifts to an intimate environment that encourages discussion and dialogue.”

Arthur’s design concepts:


Foam – the ideal material for innovative furniture design


Having worked together successfully on a number of innovative designs, Arthur was keen to use Joyce foam at DENFAIR.

Arthur explains his choice of foam in the design:

“The tactile and acoustic qualities of the Joyce foam material was perfect for this branding application. My design for the Speaker Space meant we were able to celebrate and showcase the foam instead of concealing it.

“Given the inherent characteristics of the material, the installation aims to inspire and inform its audience. It also encourages designers to explore and experiment with its qualities further, showcasing possibilities of the material.”


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