Cricket and criminology: Joyce’s latest graduate Lionel enjoys a variety of interests


Lionel Thomas was recently appointed to a sales representative role in our Victorian office.


Before starting his new position, he spent 8 months in Joyce’s Marketing & Sales Graduate Program. The program aims to give graduates a better understanding of how the company operates. It also provides the tools and skills needed to launch our new staff into a variety of client support roles.


Lionel previously worked as a retail assistant for clothing company Fletcher Jones. “This was a great way to develop the customer service and problem-solving skills required for different situations”, said Lionel.


Prior to starting his full-time career, Lionel completed a double degree – a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce – where he majored in Marketing, Criminology and Politics.


“I took legal studies back in Year 12. That’s what drove my initial interest in Criminology. It was quite interesting to look into the psychology of criminal behaviour and to understand what factors influence an individual to behave that way. Factors such as the environment that a person grew up and lived in. Not only that, it was a great way to understand why the media covered certain cases over others, and why they portrayed cases in a certain way, reflecting social norms and stereotypes”, explained Lionel.


“Understanding our client’s business is my key priority”


“My main priority at Joyce is to develop a relationship with my customers. I need to understand how they operate and what’s important to them. It’s critical that I understand how Joyce fits within the scope of their business. This will allow me to develop myself as a credible, invaluable resource to our customers.”


“The one thing that Joyce does better than its competitors is innovation. Whether it’s the installation of the VPF machine or a new automated moulding line. Joyce is always looking to invest in new technology. This is what makes it such a unique company within the industry.”


Lionel is a keen sportsman, with a particular love of cricket.


“One of the things I’m most proud of was being awarded the Best Clubman for the local cricket club I played for back in 2016. The award was for the voluntary work I did for our junior program. My involvement covered coaching to looking after the administrative aspects of our program. But it was also for helping out with the club fundraisers and functions.  It was nice to be recognised for the work I’d done for a club I’ve played with for over 10 years and I have to say, it’s pretty cool to walk into our club rooms and see my name on our honour board.”


Lionel’s ‘bucket list’ includes travelling through Europe. But cheering on Australia in cricket and rugby is his dream.


“I would love to watch some football and cricket in England. In particular, an Ashes Test Match between Australian and England, and an English Premier League match at Old Trafford, watching one of my favourite teams, Manchester United.”


When he’s not at work, sport dominates his life


“I’m usually watching some kind of sport on TV or going to a sporting event. It could be AFL, cricket, football, tennis or motorsport. Having spent my whole life in Melbourne, my friends and I have been spoilt for choice – whether it’s the AFL, the Boxing Day Test Match or the Australian Open.”


“When it comes to the AFL, I’m a diehard St Kilda supporter. Every season I try and go to as many St Kilda games as I can in Melbourne. Unfortunately, being a St Kilda supporter also means you have to live through some heartbreaking losses, like the 2009 and 2010 Grand Finals. So, I guess it’s not always a healthy choice for me,” Lionel laments.


When asked to describe himself, Lionel says he’s “a hardworking individual who is determined to achieve his goals – but also willing to take the time to help others out.”


For Victorian clients, you can contact Lionel on 0427 740 187 or by email [email protected]


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