Customer Profile: The Foam Booth

“We have a reputation for outstanding personalised service and a quality, custom-made product.”

When did you take over the company?

The company started over 35 years ago. We bought the business 11 years ago and now employ 14 people. My business partner and wife Kim runs the two retail stores. I oversee the factory and the commercial side of the business. Our retail locations are in Surry Hills and Willoughby in Sydney.

The Foam Booth has always been about delivering made-to-measure, Australian-made foam products to our customers.

What type of customers use your products?

Its a very niche business.

We sell online and instore to people looking to buy foam for use in their home. We custom-cut foam in all shapes and sizes to make cushions, furniture, mattresses and overlays.

But a big part of the business now is supplying custom-made foam and furnishings for bespoke commercial applications. We work with architects, builders, furniture manufacturers, commercial interior designers and outdoor landscapers.

We also work with boat builders, supplying all the soft furnishings for both interior and exterior.

What are the key ingredients to the company’s success?

We have a reputation for outstanding personalised service and a quality, custom-made product. People know who we are and what we do. They appreciate that we’ve always had a focus on value and quick order-turnaround.

To remain competitive, it’s important that we keep the cost of our foam down. Using cutting-edge technology helps us do this successfully.

In 2018, we invested in a new CNC cutting machine for the factory. This has really stepped-up our capabilities. Using computer aided design (CAD), we can now convert our clients’ designs accurately, cutting and shaping the foam to their exact specifications.

Our clients also appreciate that we offer the ‘full service’. We can cut the foam, supply the fabric and make-up the upholstery. Being Australian-made is ‘icing on the cake’.

How has Joyce helped support your success?

We’ve worked with Joyce Foam Products for many years.

We stick with Joyce because they’re way ahead in manufacturing environmentally sensitive foams. They supply us with foam treated with CompriShield. This is an effective treatment against bacteria and dust mites, which can affect people with asthma. It also means we can take advantage of their Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) accreditation.

We also appreciate that their product is made in Australia, and that we can rely on them to use the latest foam-making technology.

What’s next for The Foam Booth?

Keeping costs down is our biggest challenge. So, we’ll keep an eye out for any new technology that can help us remain competitive. 

While word-of-mouth marketing has always been great, we’ll shortly be launching a new commercial website. This will help showcase our commercial services and communicate our full range of products.  

We’re also about to introduce our own ‘bed in a box’ mattress.  

Some of our products are soon to be featured on Channel 10’s renovation show The Living Room

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