Engineering student Daniel learns from the experts at Joyce Foam

There’s nothing like a bit of hands-on training to reinforce years of intensive study. Daniel Lowe is our resident ‘engineer-in-training’. He’s working with senior engineers at Joyce as part of our 12-week graduate program.

Daniel is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Mechatronics at the University of Wollongong (UOW).

He recently completed a University project which investigated the use of semi-active shock absorbers in vehicle suspension.

According to Daniel, the most enjoyable part of his course has been the hands-on work.

“My role, as part of a larger team, was to investigate the hysteretic behaviour of the system (that’s behaviour dependent on a system’s previous state). I then created a simulated model which could predict future output, based on a series of inputs”, explains Daniel.


The idea of our 12-week internship is to give students a better idea of how they can apply their study to overcome real challenges

“After 12 weeks at Joyce, I’m certain I’ll come away with a stronger understanding of how engineering is integrated into the manufacturing process. I’ll also know how mechanical automation is implemented at Australia’s leading foam manufacturer.

“By working closely with highly skilled engineers Doug Jesse and Ben Crump, I aim to improve my knowledge of engineering practices and protocols within an industry-leading workplace”.


Though ambitious about his career, Daniel is most proud of his strong network of friends and family

“Having close relationships with people who you can depend on, and who can depend on you, makes everything that little bit easier. Working as a team is as vital in your personal life as it is in a workplace”.

When he’s not at work or studying, Daniel enjoys spending time catching-up with friends, or designing and printing parts on his 3D printer.


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