Foam innovation takes to the stage at DENFAIR 2019

DENFAIR is now well established as Australia’s leading destination for contemporary design. The three-day event took place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20-22 June 2019.

Attracting more than 8,000 interior designers, architects and design lovers, DENFAIR displayed the latest collections in furniture, lighting, textile, bath ware, workspace design and contemporary art.

Designing the Speaker Space at DENFAIR

Once again, Joyce was invited to sponsor the design of the Speaker Space. The Speaker Space is an area where event attendees can listen to thought-provoking talks by inspiring international and local talents at DENFAIR’s Speaker Series.

We collaborated with sculptor and interior designer Arthur Koutoulas to deliver yet another unique event space for DENFAIR visitors.

How the designer approached the project

The Speaker Space incorporated modular seating and acoustically engineered wall elements – all made entirely from uncovered foam.

Designer Arthur Koutoulas explains:

“The Speaker Space is an activation area within DENFAIR. The installation explores the possibilities of the material and its response to the environment. It’s essentially a form-making exercise.

“The cylindrical forms are strategically CNC cut in small increments at various points to reveal its function and purpose. Designing in small increments allowed us to use a singular design language that was based around the same cylindrical form.

“The form itself is scale-less. It’s able to be translated across all items – be it the seat, the wall, the table or the light. The use of a singular material further highlights the idea that the design is made from one material. And that material is foam.”

When asked about why he’s drawn to foam as his primary material for design, Mr Koutoulas replied:

“Foam is still a material I very much feel connected to. It allows me to create and explore forms.

“It’s an amazing acoustic material and it’s very well suited to the Speaker Space. The material allows us to create a seamless approach and translate our design aesthetic across all aspects of the design. It’s soft and comfortable to interact with, making it very anthropocentric.”

A message from DENFAIR 2019 organisers

Claudio Oyarce, Co-founder and Director of DENFAIR, had this to say about the Speaker Space project:

“We are very grateful to Joyce Foam Products for collaborating with the interior architect Arthur Koutoulas, a partnership which has created a design-driven environment for our Speaker Space at DENFAIR.

“Fabricated entirely from Joyce foam, the Speaker Space shows the incredible versatility of the product and the brand’s willingness to push the boundaries of material selection.

“The design of the Speaker Space allowed for the usually hidden product to be the hero in this unusual architectural context. Joyce Foam has shown an innovative approach by adapting their product to thought-provoking design.

“Over the past couple of years, the Speaker Space has evolved and has become a central platform for the Australian design community to exchange ideas. The collaboration of designer and manufacturer has resulted in a physical experience that encourages the design community and drives new thought.

Foam – the ideal material for innovative design

Speaking about why Joyce Foam Products is involved with the DENFAIR exhibition, Kevin Graham, National Sales and Marketing Manager explained:

“Joyce is proud to be at the forefront of design innovation. We know what a versatile material foam can be. DENFAIR gives us an opportunity to display some of that versatility.”

About the designer

Arthur Koutoulas established his own design studio in Sydney in 1992. His work is at the forefront of experimental design. His portfolio includes interior installations, sculptures, commercial fit-outs, furniture and objects for various restaurants, cafes and bars in Sydney such as Kafa Espresso Bar, Bluebottle Bar, Ten Buck Alley Cafe and Bar Cleveland.

He has worked on a number of other Joyce projects. You can read more about them here.


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