Graduate Profile: Alex Bergeron


Alex has a ‘customer-first’ focus

Alex Bergeron is hungry to learn more about using digital marketing and market research to deliver better products and more value to clients.

She recently graduated from the University of Montreal with a Bachelor of Business Administration, where she completed a double major in Finance and Marketing. In 2015, Alex spent a semester at the University of Sydney’s Business School through the Study Abroad program.

During her studies, she worked as a customer service representative at TD Canada Trust Bank. After moving to Sydney in June 2017, Alex took on a customer service role at Mastercard Loyalty Solutions.

“I’m used to making the customer my top priority. I appreciate that Joyce takes a similar approach,” explains Alex.


Alex’s goal is to apply her marketing and finance knowledge while she’s at Joyce

“It’s great being part of Joyce’s graduate program. I’m looking forward to learning more about SEO (search engine optimisation) and social media marketing. I want to know how to apply what I’ve learned during my studies.

“While I’m at Joyce, I would like to help develop a new grade of foam and bring it to market. I’ve seen how the sales team works hand-in-hand with the lab and with customers to create products that help differentiate them from competitors, plus improve our environmental footprint.

“I would also like to put my corporate finance studies to good use. Whether that’s working with a digital marketing budget, developing good estimating skills, or performing sales analyses.

“My aim is to focus on digital marketing, as well as marketing research and analysis. I look forward to getting to know the clients and what their specific needs are. I enjoy collecting data and crunching numbers to gain perspective and develop marketing strategies. I hope this can benefit both Joyce and our customers.”


Marketing TEDx in Montreal

During her time at university, Alex was on the organising committee for the TEDx 2016 Conference.

“I was in charge of developing marketing material, finding sponsors and donors, as well as hiring artists and caterers. This helped me gain event marketing experience. It also allowed me to meet all sorts of really interesting and knowledgeable people.”


Alex’s first language is French

“Most people are surprised to find out my first language is actually French. Although my hometown of Montreal is a bilingual city, the rest of the Quebec province is only French-speaking. Luckily, my parents sent me to an English primary school to learn a second language at a very young age.”


More travel is on the cards

“I love travelling, seeing new places and trying new things. I’ve been to America, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bahamas, New Zealand, and all over Australia. During my student exchange, I visited the West Coast, driving a campervan all the way from Albany to Exmouth. The highlight of the trip was definitely swimming with manta rays and reef sharks. The next destination on my list would be Asia, particularly skiing in Japan.

“When I’m home, I like to catch up with friends and discover new restaurants and cafes. I am still on the hunt for a good poutine (that’s French fries and cheese curds, topped with a brown gravy). Please send any recommendations my way!”


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