Graduate Profile: Errol Manalili


Errol has a passion for engineering and teaching others

Our graduate program usually involves introducing young people to the frontline of production and office processes for the first time. Our graduates generally spend up to a year gaining this ‘hands-on’ education at our Moorebank headquarters.

With Errol Manalili, we’re pleased to have an experienced industrial engineer and educator as part of our program.

Errol is a professional industrial engineer with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. He also has a Master’s Degree in Engineering (major in Operations) from the University of Technology Sydney.

Errol has worked in a variety of industries, including manufacturing in the technology and outdoor furniture fields.

“I worked as a Process Engineer at Nidec Subic Philippines Corporation.  A Japanese-owned company, it’s widely recognised as the top producer and supplier of spindle motors for hard disc drives. They supply popular brands including Toshiba, Apple, and Fujitsu.  My core duties included: Product Failure Analysis, Continuous Improvement using Lean Six Sigma, Production Document Creation, like Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), and Work Instruction and Process Management Planning.”

Errol’s most recent job was as a Production Team Leader at Street Furniture Australia. The company is a design-focused manufacturer of outdoor furniture. His role was to manage his team towards the company’s goal of an increased rate of On-Time-In-Full delivery (OTIF) and the elimination of unnecessary production waste.


Errol is also an experienced educator

“I was a university lecturer at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in the Engineering Department. I consider sharing my knowledge with young people to be one of my greatest achievements. Many of my students keep in touch after their graduation. I love hearing about how I’ve helped them in their careers – it’s just priceless,” explained Errol.


A focus on production

While at Joyce, Errol will spend his time learning all about the production processes and technologies involved in making foam. He’ll also be trained on our exacting estimation process and using the IT system in our manufacturing area.

“I’m especially interested in the VPF (Variable Pressure Foaming) concept and Joyce’s other production innovations,” said Errol. “The minimisation of waste, quality improvement, safety processes and the creation of value for our customers, interests me most.”


Errol loves singing ‘the classics’

When he’s not working, Errol loves watching inspirational movies – or even a good love story.

He’s also a big fan of music legends like the Beatles, the Eagles and John Denver.

“Singing and listening to music is how I relax. In fact, I was a band vocalist when I was in college.”


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