Innovation: the key to Prosperity

Innovation is a word often heard these days, particularly since our current Prime Minister connected Australia’s future prosperity to the success of innovation.


At Joyce, innovation has always underpinned how we do business.


Innovation is what allowed us to grow our business during the last economic downturn.


It’s what continues to assist us to grow our business today.


From the production methods we use, to the products we make, we strive for continuous, innovative improvement. Most importantly, innovation is behind the approach we take in developing our people.


The Variable Pressure Foam machine we use is the only one of its type in the world. It enables Joyce to make unique products for the Australian market – products with the highest environmental credentials.


Our business continues to grow, based on the success of our customers.


We believe the key to our success -and the success of our clients – is our innovative approach to products, processes and people. We are pleased to say that a number of our customers now have successful export programs and we are happy to support them in their success.


Our guarantee to every one of our customers is a commitment to giving them the competitive advantage needed to stay ahead in their marketplace.


Frank van Gogh – CEO


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