Introducing FloraForce: our new foam with outstanding green credentials

You may have heard about the many health benefits of castor oil. It’s said to clear acne, give you shiny, smooth hair, treat wrinkles and even cure constipation.

The humble castor oil bean is now the secret to Joyce’s latest ‘green’ foam.

FloraForce is made of a castor oil-based polyol with a high bio content. World-leading chemical manufacturer Expanded Polymer Systems has developed this exceptional new foam. FloraForce uses castor oil as a direct replacement for petroleum-based polyol in the production of slab stock foam.

The use of polyols derived from vegetable and plant oils to make polyurethane products first began in 2004. The process was then commercialised in 2005. It was initially used in automotive seating and spray polyurethane foam. Manufacturers later used it in upholstered furniture and bedding.

Here are 4 facts on FloraForce and castor oil polyol:

  1. It’s a renewable resource – Like many other plant oils, castor oil is a valuable renewable resource. Sources of castor oil can be readily replenished, with low environmental impact.
  2. Slab foam with 21% bio-content – The technology we use to make polyol has a bio-content as high as 31%. Any slab stock foam manufactured using this polyol boasts a 21% bio-content. This is more than most other polyols available. That’s why we say it’s a truly ‘green’ foam.
  3. Fewer emissions during production – Replacing petroleum-based polyol with castor oil polyol needs almost no formulation change. And it’s proven to lead to a significant reduction in emissions during the foaming process. This ‘green’ alternative ensures less emissions, less resource consumption, less toxicity and less energy consumption.
  4. A smooth, age-resistant foam – As well as the environmental benefits, foam based on the castor oil polyol has better mechanical properties and a very fine cell structure. This creates a smooth feel and better age-resistance than traditional foam.

“We’re understandably proud to be launching this ground-breaking new foam. Our aim is to continue to supply our customers with products based on the latest and most innovative technology available worldwide. We’re now ready to offer FloraForce to manufacturers looking for a truly ‘green’ foam.”

Frank van Gogh, CEO, Joyce Foam Products

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