Introducing our new office furniture grade foam


When we opened our Victorian moulded foam plant in late 2017, we knew it would be an outstanding platform for product innovation.


Equipped with a higher production capacity and using digital precision, the plant is now ready to launch our latest product – Ultimate Moulded Plus.

Versatile, high-resilience foam with antibacterial protection


Ultimate Moulded Plus was specifically designed and developed for office furniture. Like the earlier Ultimate Moulded product, this new high-resilience foam is available in a range of densities and degrees of hardness.


It’s a comfortable and durable foam, making it ideal for use in office chairs and commercial furniture.


Ultimate Moulded Plus foam complies with the highest industry standards (AS 2282.3 and AS/NZS 4088.1). It’s also AFRDI (Australasian Furniture Research & Development Institute) certified and protected by CompriShield.


CompriShield is a natural, sustainable, bio-based microbial control solution derived from coconut oil. It provides persistent antibacterial odour protection for all foam products, as well as mould and mildew resistance. CompriShield is one of the most comprehensive treatments on the market.


The other features and benefits of this versatile foam include:

  • higher porosity and less skin densification, resulting in a higher quality, more breathable foam.
  • tight tolerances and superior repeatability, so products can be made to exacting specifications.


6 ways our moulded foam plant is ready to make the highest quality foam


The Victorian plant has helped us lead the market in foam product innovation. We minimise our waste and scrap through the use of robotic technology, which guarantees an accurate, trim-free production line.


Our equipment and expertise give us the capacity to produce a highly customised product.



Servicing markets both here and overseas, the plant’s capabilities include:


  1. An automated mould line with two robots to deliver optimal precision and uniformity throughout the foam making process.
  2. 12 carriers, up to two tools each, with an annual capacity of 17,000 units per tool, support reliable and on-time production.
  3. Component impregnation allows wires, hook and loop fasteners, frames and various other items to be imbedded into the foam.
  4. Digital electric temperature-controlled tools ensure the heat curing process is undertaken with maximum precision and consistency.
  5. Use of continuous loop chemical streams means the system can release chemicals that are fully optimised. This results in better control over the exothermic reaction and consistency throughout the foam.
  6. A system of digital temperature, flow and pressure control and monitoring ensures we maintain precise product formulas. This helps guarantee product consistency.


For more information on using Ultimate Moulded Plus or other Joyce Foam Products moulded foam, call our Sales team on 1800 021 304, or email [email protected]



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