Joyce Chairman launches new moulded foam production equipment in Victoria

The official launch of our new foam moulding plant marks a new era in production efficiency at Joyce. We held the launch at our Victorian facility in Laverton North on 14 December 2017, welcoming more than 50 clients and suppliers to the event.

Mr Rahul Gautam, Chairman, Joyce Foam Products (centre), the management team and some of the guests at the Victorian moulding plant launch.

“Many of the guests were impressed with the level of automation and the potential for new and interesting foam mould applications”, said Frank van Gogh, CEO, Joyce Foam Products.

The automated moulding line uses cutting-edge robotic technology.  Its introduction is part of our drive to find ways of increasing value for our customers. As always, our aim is to produce better products, delivered when you need them.


How does it work?

  • The line has fifteen carriages, so it can carry a variety of moulds.
  • A robot injects a preformulated polyol mixture, mixed with MDI, into the mould.
  • This simple but robust process ensures a precise laydown pattern.
  • This results in the production of highly resilient, semi-flexible and microcellular foam. It also means less wastage in the production process.


More possibilities for moulded products

The equipment has most recently been used to mould seat cushions for buses, trains, trams and office chairs.

The line has the potential to make any moulded product including pillows, office furniture and mattress components.

Marking the importance of this event, our Chairman Mr Rahul Gautam flew in from India for the launch. He welcomed guests and accompanied them on a tour of the factory, led by State Manager Kevin Graham. The Board and our senior management team also attended.

“Joyce Foam continues to focus on new investment in technology. I’m pleased to say they’re really living up to their motto ‘innovation is our drive’. The new automatic moulding line means Joyce can offer customers a broader range of foam products, building on their position as an Australian market leader.”

Rahul Gautam, Chairman, Joyce Foam Products

The Victorian team L to R: Edward Ren, Lionel Thomas, Kunal Khaira and Kevin Graham

For more information about how our new moulded foam capabilities can help your business, call our Sales team on 1800 021 304, or email [email protected]


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