Joyce goes solar

Sustainable manufacturing is one of Joyce’s core values and we’re constantly working to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations.We have recently introduced renewable energy to our Laverton North manufacturing facility in Victoria.

The 160-kilowatt system uses 492 solar panels and was operational from early July 2019.  

So far, we’ve generated a total of 23.55 MWh (that’s 23,550 kilowatt hours of energy). The system generates enough power to drive our moulded foam production line.

To reduce our overall energy consumption, we’ve also installed low-energy lighting throughout the entire Laverton North factory site, both indoors and out.

Joyce’s National Sales and Marketing Manager, Kevin Graham, explained the decision to incorporate sustainable energy sources into the Victorian manufacturing site.

 “Joyce is committed to environmentally sensitive manufacturing. We are working towards a circular economy where waste minimisation, renewable resources and recycling are a fundamental part of our production process.

“Innovation is behind everything we do and we aim to lead through positive change. We are always exploring new ways to further reduce our environmental impact.”

For more information on Joyce’s environmental initiatives, contact our Customer Service team on 1800 021 304 or [email protected]

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