Joyce nurtures graduate talent

Innovation often takes an injection of ‘new blood’. The aim of our new graduate program is to leverage the best new talent in order to develop great ideas – in products and processes – to meet the needs of our customers.



We’d like to introduce you to our latest recruit Andrea Gottardello. Andrea is from Italy and after falling in love with Australia (and an Aussie girl), has joined Joyce Foam Products to focus on continuous improvement of our production processes. He has a background in engineering, operations and business analysis.


“I have an analytical background, but believe the ultimate goal is to deliver great products to our customers through better processes”, says Andrea. “I’m really enjoying the opportunity to collaborate with my colleagues and have a ‘safety first’ approach. Ultimately it is all about customer satisfaction of course”.


“I like working for Joyce because they care about the environment and their impact on it. They’ve already developed excellent processes and I’m hoping to continue to maintain their high standards.”


“The difference between working in Australia and Italy is the more informal relationship I have with management and colleagues. I think it makes for better communication and the exchange of good ideas.”


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