Meet Diego Florez: Joyce’s new Production Manager NSW

Diego Florez has embraced all things Australian. Even Vegemite.

Having moved from Colombia 10 years ago, he has thrown himself into further engineering studies and his work at Joyce.

Diego joined Joyce Foam Products in 2015 as an Engineering Graduate. He then moved into a Production Analyst role.

He has a strong engineering background in the construction and automotive industries.

“After graduating from university with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering, I worked first as a Production Analyst in TRIMCO S.A., a vehicle assembly company. I then started as a Resident Engineer in URBANSA, a construction company in Bogota, Colombia”.

“My role at TRIMCO taught me basic systems in the manufacturing industry, such as time and motion studies. I also learned all about continuous improvement strategies in order to meet the quality expectations of the customers. I understood this was crucial in giving the company a competitive advantage in the Colombian automotive industry”.

“At URBANSA I was introduced to the Lean Manufacturing System. This is a systematic method for waste minimisation and productivity improvement. Both these roles gave me the expertise I needed to be effective at Joyce”.


Diego’s new role will focus on quality and safety with a strong customer focus

Diego’s priority in his new role as Production Manager is to ensure that the quality standards and lead times of products are met while trying to improve the way we use our different resources.

“As the company is introducing new production technologies, my aim is to achieve higher levels of productivity while ensuring the safety of our operators on site”, Diego explains.

“The thing that makes Joyce different from its competitors is our commitment to improvement. From developing new grades of foam to introducing new technologies and processes. We’re always looking for ways to exceed our customer’s expectations and be a leader in the Australian foam industry”.


Australia is home now, but the world beckons

“The one accomplishment I’m most proud of is having moved from Colombia to Australia without knowing anybody here or speaking the language. In the last 10 years, I have learned English (as well as some Aussie slang), integrated myself into the Australian society and I’m now continuing my professional development as an Engineer in this country that I now call home.

“My bucket list mostly involves travelling around the world and experiencing all the wonderful places, cultures and cuisines that this world has to offer. Seeing the Northern Lights in Iceland and visiting the Greek Islands are definitely on my list”.


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