New grade of Hygroflex-Indulge makes ‘a better night’s sleep’ even better

Two years ago, we successfully launched our Hygroflex-Indulge foam.

Hygroflex-Indulge is a true hybrid of memory foam and high resilience foam.

In developing this new, premium foam, the Joyce Foam Products development team managed two major challenges: temperature and humidity.

The result: a better night’s sleep.

We’ve now developed a new grade of Hygroflex-Indulge. It has all the same unique benefits of the original, but offers more flexibility in how we deliver the finished product to our customers.

Kathy Jack, General Manager – Sales and Marketing at Joyce Foam products explained:


Hygroflex–Indulge still is the first of its kind on the Australian market that gets closer to the ‘holy grail’ of bedding – an extremely comfortable foam that wraps around your shape, allowing your body heat to dissipate through the mattress.

It has the pressure relief properties of memory foam, without the heat.

It is extremely open and feels cool to touch, and will stay quite cool, helping regulate the microclimate of the mattress. The temperature build up in Hygroflex – Indulge has been shown to be on average, up to 1.5⁰C lower than memory foam. The result is a better-quality sleep.

In this latest grade of Hygroflex-Indulge, we really pushed our development team to innovate. We’re confident these improvements will further meet the needs of our customers.”


The benefits of Hygroflex-Indulge foam include:

  • Provides excellent support and weight distribution
  • Supports good quality sleep in all climates and seasons
  • Offers good comfort levels for the body throughout the night whilst allowing for easy movement of the body on the mattress
  • Dissipates heat throughout the night – feels cool to touch
  • Durable and resilient
  • Exceeds low VOC standards
  • Outstanding hygrothermal properties – cool, comfortable support
  • Ideal for all bedding products, pillows and mattresses









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