Our well travelled graduate Damien Moore is settling in

Growing up in Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Auckland and Kuala Lumpur has helpedDamien Moore Damien Moore appreciate home.

Damien is currently working in marketing and sales as part of Joyce’s graduate training programme.

“My Dad’s work meant we moved around a lot. The best thing about growing up in different countries was being exposed to so many different cultures at such a young age. It opened my eyes to everything around me. Thinking back on it now, it’s a shame I didn’t really appreciate it all when I was younger”, said Damien.

“The worst thing was all the moving. At first we only had short stays in countries and it was a guessing game as to where we were going next. It made it difficult to settle anywhere, until we bunkered down in Kuala Lumpur.“

Damien returned to Australia to complete his business management degree at the University of Queensland. A requirement of his course was the completion of a semester working in industry.

“I was struggling to find a company in Brisbane to take me on. My Dad suggested I look overseas and told me to reach out to some people he knew. They passed on my request, and I ended up working for 10 weeks in Singapore with Accenture. I completed the ‘Accenture Discovery Program’, which is a summer vacation internship.“

“I worked with the web portal team for a government project called SkillsFuture. My main responsibilities were quality assurance testing and reporting. I also supervised and aided user testing and I found this to be the best part of the program as I was tested on everything I had worked on. I had to remember and explain how each product worked. It was quite a high-pressure environment, and I felt a sense of achievement when I successfully completed the internship.”

Working at Joyce Foam Products has given Damien a chance to work on his time management skills and the opportunity to work in many functions within the firm.

“Everyone is friendly, helpful and approachable. This has made my transition into the job and working life a smooth and enjoyable experience. I have learnt that it’s ok to ask for help and clarification if you need it.”

His impression of the company so far: “There are more applications for foam than you could ever think of.”

When he’s not at work, Damien enjoys reading books on his Kindle and attempting to cook nice meals.


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