RMIT researchers put premium foam Hygroflex under the microscope

We are excited to announce a new clinical study which has been looking into the properties of our premium foam Hygroflex. The study is being conducted by RMIT University researchers led by Dr Raj Das and examines Hygroflex’s pressure redistribution properties.  This project is supported by the Australian Government’s Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

The most recent grade of Hygroflex was released in 2017. It’s a true hybrid of memory foam and high resilience foam, and offers a unique comfort feel with better bounce back and recovery than standard memory foams.

The aim of the study is to evaluate the foam’s pressure redistribution capacity under body-induced deformation. In other words, to see how well Hygroflex can alleviate pressure points and help prevent bed ulcer formation, especially in the context of medical mattresses.

Several mechanical tests were developed to evaluate and compare Hygroflex to four different types of memory foam. These tests evaluate the response of the foams in relation to pressure gradient, duration of pressure, immersion, envelopment, and shear and friction.

As soon as the findings of the study are released in early 2019, we’ll report the results. 

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