Staff Profile: Mike Bailey, Manufacturing Manager

Mike Bailey, Joyce’s Manufacturing Manager in Victoria, believes in continuous learning.

Having worked in the Australian automotive industry for more than 20 years, he’s keen to use his knowledge in a new manufacturing environment.

Mike worked for Woodbridge Australia Group for 21 years. The company made moulded foam for use in vehicles until the organisation closed in March 2018.

“Over the years, I moved through different departments, gaining exposure to the whole operation,” explains Mike. “I began working in Plant Engineering, then Process Engineering. For the past 8 years, I worked in Manufacturing and Operations.”

During his time with the firm, Mike led the company’s Production System processes. This also involved helping to create cultural norms to foster the engagement of all team members.

In recent years, Mike has had the opportunity to travel and support operations in India and Thailand. He considers the work he’s done overseas to be very rewarding.

“As a major component supplier to all local auto manufacturers, there was a constant drive to innovate, improve and reduce waste. Over the years, I was sent to support plants that were struggling.

“In my support role, I always had to be culturally sensitive. Working with people from different backgrounds, the language barrier was often a challenge. But I found the work most rewarding.

“I enjoyed working with our partners in these locations. My role was to offer guidance and direction for innovations and upgrades to plant equipment andprocesses. Working with people and helping them to do their best is something that you can feel proud of.”

Mike was also involved with the acquisition and installation of non-auto moulded foam lines. This allowed the company to extend its capabilities to the Train, Bus and Furniture Industries. Joyce’s Laverton North facility now supplies foam to these industries.


A focus on driving improvements and innovation


“As Manufacturing Manager, I’m responsible for the safe operation of the Laverton North facility. I expect to leverage our current practices and infrastructure and help drive process improvements.

“My focus is always on meeting our customers’ expectations, on Just in Time (JIT) manufacturing, and on quality. My aim is to future-proof the operations by applying the Value Analysis Value Engineering (VAVE) approach.


Why Joyce is a great place to work


“From day one the welcome has been exceptional.

“The professional systems and processes are already in place to ensure there are robust ‘checks and balances’. I appreciate how Joyce provides me with the support and resources I need to drive change and innovation. I also enjoy the different perspectives I gain from working with a diverse group of people.”

When Mike’s not at work he loves his footy, food and his family and friends.

“I am a passionate supporter of the Essendon Football Club. I also love to cook, especially making wood-fired pizzas for family and friends. I do love travelling and have been to many destinations. I have many more to add to the list in the coming years.”


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