Staff Profile: Sarah Burley, Customer Service Manager

Delivering great customer service always starts with a smile

Joyce’s new Customer Service Manager Sarah Burley believes having a ‘smile in your voice’ is essential for anyone who deals with clients.

“You need to be approachable and open to a client’s concerns”, says Sarah. “Our team prides itself on actively listening to our clients so that we can build strong relationships with them and provide proactive solutions.”

Sarah has a wealth of experience and qualifications including a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, training in procurement (APICS and CIPS) and several small team leadership courses.

“My most recent roles involved managing customer service teams at communications/direct marketing companies.

“Before joining Joyce, I was the NSW Customer Service Manager at Bluestar Direct where I managed a team of 24 customer service representatives.  During that period, I successfully managed the merger of two customer service teams during a 12-month acquisition process.

“This was a really challenging period as it involved merging physical sites, integrating existing clients into a new system. It also involved ensuring that the staff from both companies were kept well informed and encouraged to come forward with any concerns/process improvement ideas.

“Prior to working at Bluestar Direct, I was the Customer Service Manager at SEMA Operations where I guided a team of 10 customer service representatives.”

Sarah is looking forward to managing the customer service team at Joyce

“I couldn’t ask to work with more professional and passionate people! You can hear the smile in their voices when they answer the phones.”

When asked about the three things she’s looking forward to most in her new position, Sarah replied:

  • Forming strong partnerships and relationships with our customers
  • The people I work with – everyone at Joyce has a genuine passion for their job, a willingness to share their knowledge and a strong customer focus
  • No two days are the same – there is always something new to learn

If you had to offer a customer one tip to help their business, what would that be?

“Differentiate yourself through outstanding customer service and ensure that your entire business has a customer focus. Not only do you have to invest time in your customers -understanding their business, goals, pain points – but also your staff.”

Sarah immigrated to Australia from England when she was nine

“The Pommy accent is all but gone, but unfortunately the tendency to turn “lobster red” at the slightest exposure to the sun hasn’t!”

When not at work, Sarah enjoys playing soccer, snowboarding, travel, spending time with family and friends.

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