Whether testing snowmobiles or servicing clients, Andrew Smart’s enthusiasm shows


Our new NSW Sales Manager Andrew Smart has been lucky to have combined his love of travel andasmart a determination to pursue his career in sales and engineering.

Andrew is a qualified mechanical engineer with Chartered Professional Engineer status.  He has a strong background working in the Automotive and Industrial sector.

“Whilst my background is in engineering, my passion is in sales.  I have been in sales for the last 15 years and enjoy the challenge of working with customers, both new and existing, to develop new products that eventually lead into volume production”, said Andrew.

His previous role as National Sales Manager for Industrial Products meant he had oversight of clients working in many different industries making products predominately in rubber, plastic and metal.

“My main customers were in automotive, but other customers were in the electrical industry, water treatment, mining, and the air valve industry.  These customers were predominately in Australia, but I also had customers in China and Thailand.

“I have always been involved in selling manufactured technical products, and working in competitive industries.  My customers see value not only in the performance of the product, but in the reliability of delivery, and the assistance I can provide in furthering their business.  The Joyce business functions in a similar way.  The product is technically based, the industry is competitive, and the customers see value beyond just the price. “


What’s your priority in your new role at Joyce?

“My priority in my new role at Joyce is to learn more about the Joyce business, and the various customers and industries that use Joyce products.  I would then like to further build on the great work that the team at Joyce has already made, and develop new customers and further the business opportunities for Joyce.”


What one accomplishment are you most proud of?

“After completing a 14-month European backpacking trip, I was determined to get international work experience, specifically in North America.  When I came back to Australia to see the Olympics in Sydney 2000 a friend informed me that Canada had just extended their age limit for work permits.

“I flew into Toronto, Canada with my work permit, backpack, suit pack and snowboard.  I had met several people on the Europe trip that were from Toronto, and also knew that being near Detroit, Toronto had a large automotive industry.”

“I then gained the position as Sales Manager for Meritor, who were making shock absorbers for the truck, ATV and snowmobile industry.  I was given the responsibility of the management of the Honda, John Deere and Arctic Cat accounts.”

“Arctic Cat are one of the largest manufacturers of snowmobiles and ATV’s in the USA.  This was a fantastic experience for me, I got to see many parts of Canada and the USA.  A highlight was ride testing Arctic Cat snowmobiles in the mountains just outside of Yellowstone National Park.  We stayed in a small town called Cooke City, Montana, where the brown bears came into town at night, including a visit by one to investigate the empty cooler box my colleague had left outside his motel room.  Needless to say, the cooler box had to be thrown out.”

Andrew still has a few things on his travel ‘bucket’ list including taking a trip to Africa to go out on Safari, snowboarding in Japan, and competing in a few more Sydney marathons.

When not at work Andrew enjoys running, cycling and spending time with his two young daughters.

“Being from Melbourne I follow the AFL closely, so winter sees me at the SCG for a few games per year.”


NSW clients can contact Andrew by email [email protected]

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