Why our GECA certification is good for you and your customers


Back in 2007, we successfully applied for GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) endorsement on a wide range of our comfort foams. In 2011, we introduced Variable Pressure Foaming (VPF) processing, which led to full certification on all our foam products.

In fact, we’re the only foam manufacturer in Australia to have 100% GECA-certification.

In the process of gaining this endorsement, we developed our own set of rigorous manufacturing standards. Our aim is to support sustainable consumption and production.

We believe that our commitment to sustainability has tangible benefits for you and your customers. It also gives us, and all our customers, a head start on any future regulatory changes in this area.


Did you know that many of your customers consider social and environmental factors crucial in their choice of products and services?

In the US, recent research has highlighted that people want brands to take a stand on important issues. Two-thirds of consumers (66%) say it’s important for brands to take a public stand on social and political issues.

Another international research project by leading marketer Unilever, showed that “more than one in five (21%) of the people surveyed said they would actively choose brands if they made their sustainability credentials clearer on their packaging and in their marketing.”

In their report The Next Boom: A surprise new hope for Australia’s economy?, the Future Business Council of Australia announced, that consumer preference is one of the three main drivers in the growth in demand for sustainable goods and services. The other two drivers are government regulation and environmental necessity. The report also highlighted the importance of trusted certification programs in unlocking consumer demand.


We want to support your company’s reputation

Sustainability is not just a ‘greenie’ concern. Managing reputational risk is a real cost for businesses these days. It’s about aligning your company’s values with those of a changing consumer.

With more and more consumers demanding that companies be both socially and environmentally responsible, having flaws in the supply chain can have catastrophic reputational and bottom-line consequences.


The benefits of ethical sourcing and sustainable procurement include:











How to use the Joyce GECA certification on your products

Buying our 100% GECA-certified foam, means that you have a real advantage over products made from cheaper, lower quality foams.

By using Joyce’s GECA certified products in your own range of goods, consumers will see you as an industry leader in sustainability. This gives you a competitive edge over product suppliers who have failed to seek these higher standards.

To get the full benefit of our best-practice production methods, we encourage you to use our GECA certification statement on your consumer promotional materials.

If you’re using 100% Joyce foams, use the GECA logo with these words:


“100% of the foams in this product are Good Environmental Choice Australia certified”


If you’d like us to send you the artwork for your GECA certified products, contact our marketing coordinator Alex Cole by email.


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