Moulded Foam

Joyce launched a moulded foam plant in 2017 to provide customers with innovative products and a broader range of choice. Located in Victoria, it is the only automatic moulded foam line in Australia,  and services both local and international markets.

The moulded production line uses cutting-edge robotic technology for optimal accuracy and consistency throughout the foam-making process. This results in high quality foam pads with even distribution and feel.

Joyce is able to meet customers’ exact specifications through customisation. The production line can carry a wide variety of tools and precise chemical formulations. Joyce performs component impregnation into the foam, and can also produce foam pads with varying degrees of density and hardness.


Hygroflex Moulded, similar to the standard Hygroflex grade, has a very open cell structure and offers excellent pressure relief properties.

Hygroflex Moulded was developed for pillows and medical aids.

Ultimate Moulded is available in a wide range of hardness and density and can be supplied with combustion modified properties.

Typical Ultimate Moulded applications are automotive, heavy commercial vehicles, rail and office seating.

Watch the video below to learn more about our moulded foam production process.

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